Tax consultants

The IRS website is a very useful place for reading the code and finding a good search tool for the million of pages of our tax code.  Click here.

We have many quality CPA or tax consultation service providers that we use based upon what the exact needs are for the client.

Life ourselves, we don’t expect our centers of influence to be all things to all people.  We like to find specialists in certain fields in order to be certain we accomplish the objectives we set.

Just like we wouldn’t go to Menards to build a home or an office, we don’t want to recommend you call a 1031 specialist when you are really seeking simple mileage question advice!

We have several relationships established with local and national professionals in the field.  We believe these individuals are competent at what they do assuming we are asking the correct questions.

All this being said, we do see a lot of clients that come into our office asking for the wrong services.  We like to first get to know you and then make recommendations after.



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