Quality Insurance firms

At Innovative Wealth Partners we truly believe that insurance is a service that adds value if understood properly.

In our opinion, insurance is simply risk management.  There is not much more to it than that.  If you purchase insurance wisely over the course of life you can keep the premium expenses at a minimum and your potential needs covered.

Insurance has huge cost to a persons financial matters from both a risk and a reward perspective.  We know that paying insurance premiums does have a cash flow cost and we also find it fair that the vendors we use for purchasing insurance contracts must make money to stay in business.

We want these insurance companies profitable so that they can “afford” to pay the claims we are hiring them to pay:)

We have several direct carrier relationships and we also use several quality brokerage outlets for our simple or complex stuff where they add value.


All entities are separate and not affiliated with LPL Financial.


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