Wise choices

We find that most individuals today think they are making great choices, but in reality there might be some hidden problems that lie beneath the surface that need factored into decisions in order to truly be “wise”.

As a society we know that most business and especially most financial institutions run on 4 core principles.  These 4 key points are important for us to simply keep in mind as we make financial choices.

  1. financial institutions want your money
  2. financial institutions want more of that money on an ongoing basis
  3. those same entitites want to give back as little as possible over time
  4. they also want to have your money as long as possible

This doesn’t make the game of financial life unfair, it is just important to know how things work in the financial marketplace.   Every financial institution you see in the market today is in competition for you.  Who is adding the most value for the services they are offering?




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