Top 10 Financial Tips

Top 10 Financial Tips – in our opinion.. Don’t overpay for insurance We feel it is wise for a consumer to check deductibles and coverages closely.  We have found over the years there are many instances when clients were overpaying for coverages that they didn’t know they had and certainly they were not planning on […]

Estate guide

Have you ever dealt with a family members estate who has passed away or helped “manage” ones financial life that wasn’t organized?  We have!  It can be very difficult if ones financial life isn’t organized.  This organization doc helps with the following:

Fixed annuity contract

Have you been frustrated by the lack of ability to earn what you perceive as a “fair” return on your money?  Remember the good old days when a passbook savings account earned more than 3-5%?  Those are now gone but rates have been moving up. Thanks for reaching out to us regarding being notified of […]

Long term care

Long-term care options As the baby boomer generation continues to progress through life and gain more wisdom, we see an ever growing need for this generation to have some sort of a thought out plan for their long term care needs. Having a plan for long term care makes a lot of sense and can […]

Specialized Strategies

We offer many “outside the box” ideas to our clients and view ourselves as specialists in this area. We spend a great deal of time studying the economy and researching opportunities in the industry. This is simply a short list of ideas that you might enjoy reading about. This is not comprehensive in nature and […]

Kyle Bass fan page

KYLE BASS FAN PAGE* One of the economists that we enjoy listening to and following is named Kyle Bass. Kyle was made famous by a prediction he made in 2007. He correctly saw the real estate crash of 2008 well in advance of many others in the industry. If you want to know when we […]

Paying for college

How to pay for college expenses College is getting more expensive by the day and we feel that eventually this trend will change but for now it certainly has become the new normal. Here are some funding sources that we have used in the past in order to pay for college: 529 accounts or other […]

Retirement income planning

Retirement Income Planning Several things come to mind when I think about retirement and one of the major issues would be running out of money. Setting up financial matters to address this risk makes a lot of sense for some of our clients. Having some base income that is fixed can make a lot of […]

Estate strategies and techniques

Estate Strategies and Techniques Over the years there have been several occasions where we have ran into some complicated estate tax planning issues that require a bit more time and attention than the average middle income American might need. These issues are usually a case by case basis and handled with care and hiring the […]


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