Specialized Strategies

We offer many “outside the box” ideas to our clients and view ourselves as specialists in this area. We spend a great deal of time studying the economy and researching opportunities in the industry. This is simply a short list of ideas that you might enjoy reading about. This is not comprehensive in nature and does not include everything.

Please note that this information is not intended to be a substitute for specific individualized advice. We suggest that you discuss your specific situation with a qualified advisor.


In service withdrawal

An “in service withdrawal” is a strategy that exists today that can impact many employees and employers that relates to taking money out of qualified plan (401k) while still remaining employed and “in service” at the current job. This will not apply to everyone and in fact it is rare that a 401k plan would permit to someone under the age of 55 but some plans do offer it.  We are not educating you on this topic in an effort to suggest something but instead simply to inform you of the topic and that it is something that you may hear about in the world today.  If you would like to discuss this topic further please reach out to us.


72t or 72q solutions

A 72t (or 72q) is an option that is available to individuals who have qualified money inside an account and need access to that money before the attained age of 59.5. It is common for folks to leave the money in a plan until age 59.5 in order to avoid paying the 10% penalty that could be imposed by the IRS. If one does this and play by the rules, the 10% penalty can be avoided. Call us today to learn how. The rules are clearly written into the tax code. Distributions are still subject to federal and state income tax. Please consult a tax advisor for specific tax advice.

There is a risk that the principal balance of the account could be exhausted in the event that the distributions exceed the net earnings and growth of the investments. Individuals who live beyond their normal life expectancy many find their account values have been completely depleted. 72(t) is a tool to access money prior to age 59 ½ without the 10% penalty. It is not a tool to enable an individual to retire early if they are not otherwise able to. There are substantial penalties for any deviation from a plan once enacted.


NUA (net unrealized appreciation)

This is a complex strategy that relates to a very small number of targeted clients who have highly appreciated company stock inside a retirement plan. If you would happen to fit this category you should call us today to discuss further. This is not a strategy that is good for the average person but if you have over 100k of highly appreciated company stock inside your 401k this may be a great option for you to consider. We can potentially help you save on taxes by working within the rules the IRS has established for us.


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