Small business: Revenue enhancing ideas

Ever feel like you love doing what you are doing but feel that there was a smarter way of doing it? I am sure you have heard of the 80-20 rule, 80 percent of your time is spent on 20 percent of your clients/customers. Do you have a reasonable solution for dealing with this problem? […]

“Family” time

Family time to us means spending our time with those interests that we choose to instead of those we are obligated.  We value time and we know that our time on this planet is limited.  Our efforts on the our business fronts have become so ingrained for us with our family time that we sometimes […]

Wise choices

We find that most individuals today think they are making great choices, but in reality there might be some hidden problems that lie beneath the surface that need factored into decisions in order to truly be “wise”. As a society we know that most business and especially most financial institutions run on 4 core principles.  […]


Our firms values are based on the principles we feel honor our creator and guide on the planet we are so blessed to live.  We feel those values start with an understanding of what really matters. The following message has been one that has impacted us a fair amount: Proper prior planning prevents pretty poor […]


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