Insurance Options

Insurance options and strategizing Insurance can be a bit of a daunting issue for the average every day consumer. Here at Innovative Wealth Partners we try to take confusing topics and make them easier to understand and comprehend. Insurance matters in general are often made best when you are able to realize that it can […]

MMT-Modern Monetary Theory

What is MMT? MMT is an acronym for modern monetary theory.  As many of you already know, there are several styles or philosophies behind the macro level of economics.  Mainly they break down to what we would classify and as Keynesian and Austrian styles of econ.  We do not want to use this video to […]

Retirement Strategy

As you probably are already aware, the idea or concept behind saving for retirement has changed quite a bit over the last 40-60 years.  The industry used to utilize a great deal of defined benefit pensions and nowadays this isn’t nearly as common.  It is much more common in our environment today to see more […]

One Thing Separates Creators From Consumers

How to “invest” in the 5G “Revolution” What are the best ways to potentially “invest” in the 5g revolution that we see currently sweeping the country from a telecommunications perspective?  How does this 5G technology differ from the last few upgrades, notable 4G and 3G.  Is it that much different or better?  We will address all these and […]

Top 10 Financial Tips

Top 10 Financial Tips – in our opinion.. We feel it is wise for a consumer to check deductibles and coverages closely.  We have found over the years there are many instances when clients were overpaying for coverages that they didn’t know they had and certainly they were not planning on using the coverage.  We […]


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